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Be creative with the style of your wedding floral centerpieces

Wedding florals have always been highly important – precisely because they have the power to change everything about the décor, venue and ambiance created at the wedding. Naturally, you want the most superb blooms on your wedding tables too – and following, we have gathered some of the most creative ideas to help you achieve a truly wow effect. Read on and find out more!


  • High and low. Go beyond traditional vase sizes and opt for vases that are either very tall or very short. They look splendid with a wide range of flowers and they will offer your entire wedding a contemporary, chic vibe. Just imagine how gorgeous a rich cluster of flowers would look like in a low vase!
  • Petals that pop. You don’t need the most expensive flowers on the market, or the most sophisticated ones. A small bouquet created with the same type of flower in a bright color can really make your wedding tables look fabulous – and when this is paired with a stylish vase, you are guaranteed to amaze your guests with your creativity!
  • Organic options. Organic flowers are a better option for everyone – the environment, the local businesses and yourself as well (especially since you will actually feel that you have made a truly eco-conscious choice). Don’t be afraid to play around with the shapes of the centerpiece too! For example, a lush bouquet will look more airy and more relaxed with a negative space included in the arrangement.



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