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Style your groom appropriately for your Winter wedding

Sep 26, 2016 | Wedding Photography

Although winter may seem far away for many people, brides and grooms planning a cold season wedding know that their big day is more than rapidly approaching. Are you curious as to how you can make sure you style your groom to make him feel really special on the wedding day? We have some trendy ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • allusion-photography-2Tweed goes a long way. Once considered to be more than informal, tweed is nowadays thought to be truly appropriate for a wedding – especially for a chic countryside event. Furthermore, tweed is more than appropriate for the winter season too, which makes this fabric really perfect for those of you who want to plan a wedding infused with casual, countryside touches this winter.
  • The waistcoat adds uniqueness. Not very sure about the tweed? You can always opt for a waistcoat and a three-piece suit. This will make your groom feel really handsome and stylish at the same time too. Plus, the waistcoat will keep your loved one warm throughout the entire wedding day (especially if you plan your wedding in late November or early December).
  • Wool keeps you fully warm. A suit made from wool and cashmere can add a touch of luxuriousness to your groom’s attire. Moreover, there’s no other fabric more suitable for chilly winter days other than wool – so if you want your loved one to be really comfy, warmed-up and stylish, this is an option you should really consider!

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