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Snoop Dogg Crashes Allusion Photography Wedding

Sep 01, 2014 | Wedding Photography

After the ceremony, we were taking a quick break. Chris (Allusion Photographer) was sitting by the window in the Fender Ballroom and he looked down just as Snoop Dogg (Lion) was stepping out of the limo outside. Not really knowing what was going on, he went downstairs of the Hard Rock to take some detail photos of the hotel as Snoop starting walking in the Hard Rock. We wanted to respect Snoop’s privacy so we did not take photos at this time.

Chris went back upstairs as the groom’s mom approached him and said she was a big Snoop fan. She wanted to know what she had to do to get a photo with him. Chris explained that we could not approach the hotel and had to respect his privacy but he was going to see what he could pull off.

Chris continued to go back downstairs and found the nicest lady he could find. He ran into Snoop’s entourage which said to meet them in the lobby at 8:30. They were to be leaving at that time to preform at yesterday’s concert. Chris asked if she could put in a good word in for him in the room so that he would not be pushed away by the bodyguards. When Snoop came out of the elevator; they went into a bar waiting area, looked around for our photographer and pulled Chris and the wedding couple into the area with them. Chris and Snoop had a great conversation and a ton of laughs. After we got some shots, Snoop asked us to take some photos for him and then posted them onto his Instagram. It was a really great experience for both Allusion Photography staff and the bride and groom. Snoop was a blast to be around and a really great person for making the day of the bride and groom a bit more special!

I am so happy our photographers go out of their way to please the bride and groom and stay professional at the same time!

UPDATE: Snoop Lion sent an instagram of the photo and it has gone viral! Thank you Snoop again for making a bride and grooms day even more special.

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