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Oak Brook, IL Wedding Photographer Ranks 6 In World

Wedding Photographer, Sherry Hagerman, of Oak Brook, IL Ranks 6 In World

You can imagine her surprise as Allusion Photography’s very own, Sherry Hagerman, opened up “The Best Of 2017 Photographers Book” to find out she has ranked #6 in the world! “It was an amazing surprise. I have won several awards through the years regarding my wedding photography but had no idea that this was waiting for me.”

Wedding Photographer, Sherry Hagerman Of Oak Brook IL Ranks 6 In World

Wedding Photographer, Sherry Hagerman top wedding photographer, Oak Brook IL

Sherry Hagerman of Allusion Photography began her wedding photography company fifteen years ago. With a fresh start and two small boys, she knew she was aware of the risks and dangers of starting a new business with no safety net. All of her hard work and dedication paid off in early 2018 as she is now ranked the number six top  photographer in the world out of 170,000 photographers.  https://oneeyeland.com/book/best-of-the-best-photographers-2017/sherry-hagerman

One Eyeland Wedding Photographer

2017 Best Of Photographers

“When I opened Allusion Photography in 2005 most small photography companies were closing due to the financial crisis. I had no option but to make this work for my children.” Sherry (not looking toward failure but only for success) began seeking out some of the best mentors in the industry. She spent most of her money and time learning from some of the top photographers and business people.

“I started looking for mentors that I could learn from. I would attend conventions and breath in as much information not only about photography but also how to run my business.”

Allusion Photography ranks #6 in World, Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer, Sherry Hagerman Ranks #6 Photographer In The World

Allusion Photography has continued to be a 5 star company and prides their success on the remarkable care they give to each and every client. “This day only comes once for my clients, they deserve the best treatment along with the best memories.”  https://allusionphotography.com/gallery/wedding-photography-gallery/

Sherry is a strong believer in giving back to her community. She teaches over 30,000 wedding photographers a year how to run their business and photograph weddings properly across the United States.

In 2008, Allusion Photography and Sherry Hagerman won her first award as “Best In The Midwest” by The Knot.  She has since won this same award every year for the last 10 years. For the past two years, Allusion Photography was awarded “Best In The United States” for excellence in wedding photography and customer service.  This year Allusion was ranked #6 in the Nation by One Eyeland, the number one source for famous photography. https://allusionphotography.com/about/

According to One Eyeland they started with, “170,00 submissions. We filtered out the work and distilled it down to 155 spectacular shots clicked by 94 stellar photographers from across the globe.”  https://oneeyeland.com/book/best-of-the-best-photographers-2017

Allusion Photography is currently rated as one of the top wedding photography companies in the Midwest. http://www.allusionphotography.com                                                                                1010 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523                                                                                              630.560.5684

Allusion Photography, Chicago Winter Wedding Photographer




Style your groom appropriately for your Winter wedding

Although winter may seem far away for many people, brides and grooms planning a cold season wedding know that their big day is more than rapidly approaching. Are you curious as to how you can make sure you style your groom to make him feel really special on the wedding day? We have some trendy ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • allusion-photography-2Tweed goes a long way. Once considered to be more than informal, tweed is nowadays thought to be truly appropriate for a wedding – especially for a chic countryside event. Furthermore, tweed is more than appropriate for the winter season too, which makes this fabric really perfect for those of you who want to plan a wedding infused with casual, countryside touches this winter.
  • The waistcoat adds uniqueness. Not very sure about the tweed? You can always opt for a waistcoat and a three-piece suit. This will make your groom feel really handsome and stylish at the same time too. Plus, the waistcoat will keep your loved one warm throughout the entire wedding day (especially if you plan your wedding in late November or early December).
  • Wool keeps you fully warm. A suit made from wool and cashmere can add a touch of luxuriousness to your groom’s attire. Moreover, there’s no other fabric more suitable for chilly winter days other than wool – so if you want your loved one to be really comfy, warmed-up and stylish, this is an option you should really consider!

Searching for a wedding photographer who can capture the beauty of your wedding day in a truly personal and beautiful way? Contact Allusion Photography and allow us to be part of your lovely wedding day! Contact us and allow us to preserve the most amazing day of your life! Contact us and you will not regret it!


Plan a holiday weekend wedding with ease

Planning the Big Day can be a very stressful affair if you don’t make sure to do things the right way. From the large number of things you will have to handle to the pressure associated with such an important moment, there’s a wide range of factors to take into consideration when you start to plan your wedding day.

How do you move beyond this and plan an entire holiday weekend wedding? How do you make this as least stressful and as smooth as possible? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Start as early as possible. The sooner you start planning this great event in your life, the more likely it is that you will actually find the dream venue and the most amazing wedding vendors for your Big Day. What’s more, starting early also allows you to let your guests know of the event well-ahead of time, so that they can make all necessary preparations.
  • Plan activities for all three days. You don’t want your guests to get bored during the holiday weekend, so planning some fun activities should come as a must. For example, you could organize a dinner party or cocktail party for their arrival and a special brunch for the last day of the wedding weekend too.
  • You can incorporate the holiday theme into the wedding. For instance, a 4th of July wedding theme will work wonderfully if you want to plan your wedding during that weekend – and it can definitely add an extra dash of memorability and uniqueness to your entire event.


Searching for someone to capture the magic of the Big Day? Come visit Allusion Photography and take a look at our work! Contact us and allow us to be part of your beautiful wedding!


Be creative with the style of your wedding floral centerpieces

Wedding florals have always been highly important – precisely because they have the power to change everything about the décor, venue and ambiance created at the wedding. Naturally, you want the most superb blooms on your wedding tables too – and following, we have gathered some of the most creative ideas to help you achieve a truly wow effect. Read on and find out more!


  • High and low. Go beyond traditional vase sizes and opt for vases that are either very tall or very short. They look splendid with a wide range of flowers and they will offer your entire wedding a contemporary, chic vibe. Just imagine how gorgeous a rich cluster of flowers would look like in a low vase!
  • Petals that pop. You don’t need the most expensive flowers on the market, or the most sophisticated ones. A small bouquet created with the same type of flower in a bright color can really make your wedding tables look fabulous – and when this is paired with a stylish vase, you are guaranteed to amaze your guests with your creativity!
  • Organic options. Organic flowers are a better option for everyone – the environment, the local businesses and yourself as well (especially since you will actually feel that you have made a truly eco-conscious choice). Don’t be afraid to play around with the shapes of the centerpiece too! For example, a lush bouquet will look more airy and more relaxed with a negative space included in the arrangement.



Allusion Photography could be your wedding photographer – and we could capture all of your wedding’s magic in a way that can truly survive the sands of time. Come visit us, take a look at our work and allow us to be part of your romantic story – you will never regret having chosen us!




Fall trends will bring beauty to your wedding

Romantic, mysterious and warm-hearted, fall is a splendid time of the year – and it definitely makes for a great wedding season too. How to have a fall wedding every guest will love? How to make it absolutely gorgeous?

We have gathered some fall wedding trends to inspire you to create the most stunning wedding your guests have ever been to – so read on and find out more.

Allusion Photography 2

  • Decadent sweets. Long gone are the warm days of summer, when all you wanted is to cool off. Fall is one of the richest seasons – both in terms of foods, and in terms of color schemes too. So, don’t forget to bring this into your wedding dessert too! A decadent cake with delicious, dripping caramel topping is something all of your guests will absolutely love.
  • Warm neutral colors. Fall doesn’t have to be about yellow and orange. Sure, it’s a classic combination for the season, but if you want to be more stylish, we suggest you settle on a combination of warm neutrals. They will look splendid upon the fall background and on your bridesmaids too!
  • Seasonal flowers. Mums and dahlias are the Queens of the wedding florals this season – and you have all the reasons to love them. Gorgeously delicate, bold yet stylish, and more than accessible in multiple areas of the country, these flowers will look amazing at your wedding. Add some fallen leaves, place the arrangement in an elegant vase and your wedding florals will be unforgettable!

Alllusion Photography

Allusion Photography is a wedding photographer you will absolutely love. Dedicated, talented and more than interested in providing exquisite services for every bride and groom, we are the wedding photographers that will capture you wedding in an honestly candid, beautiful and unique way. Contact us and find out more about what we do!




Make sure you keep your wedding guests on the dance floor

As the host of your wedding, you want this event to be really amazing – not only for yourselves, but for the amazing people who have gathered to celebrate with you as well. How do you make sure you keep everyone on the dance floor, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Allusion Photography 2

  • First of all, be there too. After all, most of your guests will simply follow in your lead, and if you’re not on the dance floor, your guests won’t be there either. Be on the dance floor, have fun, share your joy and your smile with every guest present at your wedding – as you will see, good humor can be quite contagious!
  • Time everything the right way. There’s no point in rushing people into “having fun” – it will feel forced and “fun” is the last thing your guests will have. Ease into the dance party with nice music and don’t make people feel like they have to be on the dance floor. Give them time to eat and have one or two drinks – the party usually starts at about 9 pm!
  • Give people some space. When creating the décor for your wedding day, be sure you arrange the dance floor in a way that leaves plenty of room for the guests to dance. At the same time, make sure there isn’t too much room on the dance floor – it might make it feel emptier than it actually is.

Allusion Photography

If you’re still searching for a truly amazing photographer, ready to capture all of the fun, unforgettable and genuinely magical moments at your wedding, be sure to contact Allusion Photography. With our experience and dedication, your wedding photos are bound to look stunning!



Choose the most gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids

Allusion Photography 2-1

Obviously, your wedding is very important to you – but so is for the special people in your life. Your bridesmaids, for example, will want to feel really special on such an important day for you – and while there are surely a lot of wedding planning elements you still have to think of, your bridesmaids’ dresses should definitely not be among the least important ones.

How to choose the most gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids? Here are some great tips to help you with this:

  • Stick to simplicity, don’t go too crazy, and keep practicality in mind. You may think intricate dresses that imitate a ballgown are really pretty (and they are!), but chances are that these dresses will cost too much and will be quite uncomfortable too. Better stay with simpler designs and fabrics, as well as with affordable choices!
  • Leave it up to your bridesmaids. A simple way to choose dresses your bridesmaids will actually like? Send them some color swatches and brief guidelines on what they should wear, and leave it up to them to make the final choice. After all, every woman knows what suits her – and your bridesmaids make no exception. Also, keep in mind that you can connect your bridesmaids’ looks with the bouquets too, not just with the color and/or general design of the dresses.
  • Whatever you do, remember that your wedding will only last one day. Your friendships, on the other hand, are forever. There’s no point in risking your friendship over a dress – so make choices your bridesmaids will actually appreciate and they will look splendid!

Allusion Photography 2-2

Searching for a photographer who will capture just how stunning you and your bridesmaids are? A great professional who knows how to immortalize those emotional, candid moments at your wedding? Contact Allusion Photography and we will not disappoint you!


Every wedding should have a gorgeous color scheme!

Allusion Photography

Your wedding’s color scheme is more than important for the overall look and “feel” of this special day in your life. And yet, choosing just a couple of colors from such a wide range of choices can feel almost impossible when you don’t even know where to start.

If you are lost for ideas and don’t know what colors to choose for your Big Day, be sure to read on and find out more:

  • The venue matters. Take a very good look at your venue and how it looks. Think of colors that work well with what you have – otherwise, you might have to invest in extra-elements for your wedding décor.
  • The skin tone matters too. You and your bridesmaids should feel complemented by the wedding color scheme. After all, you will be surrounded by these colors (and, in the case of your special ladies, dressed as well).
  • The season should be an inspiration. Take a look outside – what are the colors that dominate your wedding season? Steal some inspiration from “Mother Nature”- there’s no greater artist than that!
  • The colors should look great together. Do some research and learn about the basic color theories. Search up the meaning of each color. Imagine your color combinations together and think of ways in which your imagination could be brought to life.
  • Texture can make all the difference in the world. Adding some texture to your wedding color scheme can be a complete game-changer, especially if you want the décor to be chic and stylish.

Allusion Photography 2

Allusion Photography is ready to capture the beauty of your wedding in ways that are creative, unique and genuinely candid. If you are searching for a talented wedding photographer in Illinois, be sure to contact us as soon as possible!


These tips will assist you in choosing a great wedding cake


Allusion Photography

Your wedding cake is such a powerful symbol of your love story! As an important part of the wedding, you will surely want this sweet treat to be perfect from A to Z.


Are you curious as to how to select a great wedding cake that will make you happy, complement your wedding, and satisfy your guests too? We have some useful tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • First of all, find the right baker. There will be a lot of talented wedding cake creators in your area – but only one of them is, well, the one. Talk to multiple vendors, check their reviews, look at their style and see if they would fit you, your style and your wedding. Once you have found the right wedding cake designer, be sure you establish all the details in writing before you actually sign your contract with them. Be clear about the design, delivery, price, extra-costs and all the other details a wedding cake comes with!


  • Settle on a particular wedding cake style. This should coordinate with the wedding style, formality, theme, motifs, colors, as well with your own love story and with who you are as a couple. Yes, it can be difficult to narrow down your options according to so many factors – but with attention to detail, it can be done and it will be more than worth it.


  • Find your perfect flavors. Remember, this is your wedding, so you have the right to choose cake flavors you really love (instead of deciding on what you think your guests would like). Believe us, a bit of uniqueness will actually be a pleasant surprise for the people invited at your wedding, so don’t be afraid to go past tradition and “trends”.

Allusion Photography 2

Allusion Photography can capture the beauty of your cake and the amazingness of your wedding in a style that truly suits you! Candid and personal, our wedding photography services are here to help you create an absolutely gorgeous wedding album!



Create a custom look for your wedding garter

Allusion Photography

Tossing the wedding garter has been with us for a long time – and while some brides may choose to skip this tradition, the truth is that many of the couples still choose to do this at their own wedding (for entertainment purposes if not for anything else).

Personalizing your wedding garter is a great way of adding just a bit of “hidden” uniqueness to your wedding attire – so it is surely something you should consider doing. If you are curious as to how you can create a personal garter, then read on to find out more:


  • The history of the wedding garter is quite ambiguous, as nobody knows exactly where this custom originated from. Some say that it was a gesture made to show the marriage had been consummated, others say that a bride’s attire would have brought good luck (and since she didn’t want to have her dress torn off, she threw her garter). One thing is for sure: this tradition is here to stay.


  • When creating a personalized look for your wedding garter, the only limit you have is your own imagination, really. From garters inspired by brides’ favorite colors or seasons, to garters inspired by pop culture and cartoons, there’s something for everyone.


  • Last, but definitely not least, take your dress into consideration when creating a custom garter. Although you will wear it underneath the gown, it is important to choose a shape and size that go with the dress itself (e.g. if you are wearing a mermaid-dress, you will need a slimmer garter, so that it’s not very noticeable from under the dress).

Allusion Photography 2

Searching for a photographer to capture the fun garter moment at your wedding? Allusion Photography will be there for you! We will capture the most magical, unforgettable, entertaining and emotional events at your wedding, so that you can always remember these candid details with a smile on your face! Contact us and find out more about our wedding photography services in Illinois!